From San Francisco to Santa Teresa

Friday, June 2nd, 2017

small plane to Tambor

Puddle jumper to Tambor

2 weeks ago Drew, Haven and I got on a plane and headed south on a flight to San Jose, Costa.  This day had been years in the making and we were finally doing it.  Taking a break from the city life, the hustle and bustle of an urban lifestyle to reconnect, focus on our family, and decide what path our lives should take next.  I know it sounds dramatic, it definitely feels that way.  But we had been actively planning on doing this since November – what would we do if it actually became possible? Leave immediately for Costa Rica, of course.

So, we did. We are back, once again,  to the place that has become our happy place and home away from home – Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.  Drew has been coming here for 12 years, me for 7, we were married here and Haven’s first plane ride was to come back here.  Last November we actually bought 2 acres on the mountain in town.  This is home, or will be someday soon.

I feel like I can breathe again.  The last few months of our life have tested us at every turn and being back in the jungle, in tune and grounded with nature is exactly what we needed.  This is a funny little place.  There are no fancy hotels or restaurants, where a main method of transport is by four wheelers.  The sun rises early (5am) and goes down early (6pm) – we are in bed by about 9pm every day.  People here are on Costa Rica time, Pura Vida or Pure Life is something that I feel every day when I’m here.  There are people from all walks of life – Italian, French, Israeli, Argentinian and everyone is here for the same reason, a different way of life that just pulls certain people in.  Last night there was a huge thunderstorm and the power went out for a few hours.  Everything was so dark, except for the lightening that was giving us a show and the thunder that was rumbling the sky.  Drew and I were just lying on the outdoor couch, in the pitch black, taking it all in.  It was beautiful.

Haven couldn’t be happier here.  It’s one of the best places for a child to be – it’s warm and sunny, green and lush – nature invites you in at every turn.  It’s the kind of environment I want for her to grow up in.  I hope we can find a place that suits all of us.  After years of being in San Francisco, I think it’s time for us to try some other places, to be nomadic for a bit.  I can’t be in a city, at least not full time.  The next year or so will be an interesting journey for us and I can’t wait to see what the world has in store.

So for now, until the middle of August, instead of waking up to sirens and loud cars we’ll go to sleep with the sound of the frog symphony and we’ll wake up to the sound of monkeys and birds singing.  Sunsets will be spent at the beach and we will be immersed in nature.  This will be our longest trip here yet and I have a feeling we won’t want to leave.

two girls at the reef

Sunset at the reef

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