Bride Mantra – No One Gives a Fuck!

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

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The Dewars don’t give a fuck

As a recent bride, I am absolutely thrilled to be done talking about wedding stuff.  My brand new husband is even happier.  He is no longer forced to listen as I ask him about the tables, candles, escort cards, seating charts, etc.  Wedding planning can really make you go crazy.  There are so many decisions to make, and there is so much pressure for perfection.  It can leave even the most laid back brides feeling frazzled.

The best advice was given to me by one of my best friends.  About a week before the wedding, she told me to remember that “No one gives a fuck.”  Initially, I felt put off by her helpful suggestion.  I was spending so much time on making it perfect – of course my guests would totally give a fuck.  I didn’t understand the meaning until I was in Tulum the days leading up to the wedding and things started to deviate from my plan. ‘No one gives a fuck’ became my mantra for the entire weekend.  I would take a few deep breaths and repeat it to myself.  That, along with tequila, saved me from freaking out a few times when things went wrong – like when we lost half of the gift bags in the trunk of the taxi or when the hotel allowed non-wedding guests to check in despite the buyout contract!  The mantra is a good way to remind yourself that your guests are not going to be aware of the details that didn’t work out perfectly.  The most important thing is to just roll with it and enjoy yourself.  You only get married once… maybe.

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