What’s the Meaning of Your Moon Flow

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

photo by: Jake Hills

Do you ever hear women reference their period/menstrual cycle to their moon flow?

I didn’t understand the connection so I recently started navigating the magic of my inner world by diving deeper into the cycles of my menstruation. For starters, I discovered that the terms “menstruation” and “menses” are derived from Latin (month), which in turn relates to the Greek mene (moon) and to the roots of the English words month and moon.

It’s amazing that we didn’t learn any of this when we were younger so hopefully this is helpful to you and others in your life. I remember in elementary school, the PE teacher separated the boys and girls to have a “talk”. In the girls room, they discussed the physical process of ovulation and that we should be prepared to bleed and be moody during that “time of the month”. PMSing has been seen as women being bitchy and has held this negative connotation. As young women, we accepted it and didn’t dig deeper into the power of our cycle (moon flow). Like others, I feel I was deprived the knowledge of how magical our bodies really are.

In ancient traditions, a woman’s bleeding was thought to be her height of power and celebrated. She was encouraged to deepen her connection with her wisdom making her a goddess amongst the tribe. When we start to understand our moon flow, we are able to access our altered states of awareness, specifically our natural intuitive abilities.

Here’s what the moon cycle looks like. Our cycle (around 29 days) is the same as the moon and broken into four phases.

1st Phase: Menstruation Phase

During this phase, we begin to shed physically and emotionally. This allows us to shed the old so we can make way for the new. We tend to be very wise during this time as we reflect on the bigger picture and make connections which will drive us for the rest of the cycle. This is a good time to intentionally set some time away from our gadgets, duties and take time to be alone as we are vulnerable during this phase and will be more exhausted than usual.

2nd Phase: Follicular Phase

During this phase, we are more dynamic and have more balanced energy of masculine and feminine. This is the time when we have a lot of energy flowing through and we are all about getting shit done! Use this time to really tackle that to do list.

3rd Phase: Ovulation Phase

I’m sure you can guess – this is when we fully are our feminine sensual self. This is a time of when we are more nurturing, communal and more open. This is a good time to have those tough conversations as we are more open to receiving and giving feedback. Given that we want to nurture during this time, make sure to take care of your own needs while also take care of others.

4th Phase: Luteal Phase

This is the longest phase (about 9-11 days) and is when we are most creative but also known as the PMS phase. We are the creator during this time and our subconscious will be louder and heightened which can cause frustration. We get in touch with our own truth which makes us more vocal of what’s me and what’s not causing us to draw boundaries. This is sometimes expressed in anger because our energy is low and at the same time, we are unleashing that creativity.

Menstruation Phase

Menstruation Phase Diagram- found this here

So what do we do with this information? For starters, I started to keep a moon journal and noting what I feel and what’s coming up on each phase. There are also apps like MyFlo to track your cycle. This is allowing me see themes in my cycles and to be more intentional of how I express myself through the month. I’m becoming more aware of what I’m feeling, when to unleash it and when to bring something into being.


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