Nomad Life – First stop Mexico City

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Well, we did it.  One week ago today, we got on an airplane and left San Francisco.  We had packed our home up and put everything in storage and left our home to be rented out for a year.  We are officially nomads.  Three suitcases, one surf board coffin, three backpacks and three little Swallow birds on the move.  It’s a crazy feeling and to be honest it hasn’t fully sunken in yet.  In the weeks leading up to our departure I went through many phases of feeling like it was the craziest thing to do and feeling like it was the best thing to do.  One thing was clear was that we wanted to leave San Francisco and that we wanted to see the world while Haven was young – when opportunity knocked, we gladly opened the door!  So here we go – our first stop is Mexico City.


From San Francisco to Santa Teresa

Friday, June 2nd, 2017

small plane to Tambor

Puddle jumper to Tambor

2 weeks ago Drew, Haven and I got on a plane and headed south on a flight to San Jose, Costa.  This day had been years in the making and we were finally doing it.  Taking a break from the city life, the hustle and bustle of an urban lifestyle to reconnect, focus on our family, and decide what path our lives should take next.  I know it sounds dramatic, it definitely feels that way.  But we had been actively planning on doing this since November – what would we do if it actually became possible? Leave immediately for Costa Rica, of course.

So, we did. We are back, once again,  to the place that has become our happy place and home away from home – Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.  Drew has been coming here for 12 years, me for 7, we were married here and Haven’s first plane ride was to come back here.  Last November we actually bought 2 acres on the mountain in town.  This is home, or will be someday soon.



Hello, goddess.

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